Electrician in Springwood

A local electrician in Springwood you can rely on!

Looking for a reliable, responsible and active Springwood local electrician who offers a quality electrical solution rather than a quick fix’? Then it’s an opportunity to call expert from Chris Poli.

Chris Poli Electrical is your premier choice local Springwood electrician. Our qualified electrician will sort out electrical problems in your house or office, instantly, securely, efficiently and cost-effectively. We will evaluate your requirements and suggest a range of benefits – plus we’ll make sure everything is neat and tidy when we’re done.

Our local electricians are always on call 

With an aim on 24/7 emergency electrical services, we are available to you whenever and wherever you require us. Just a phone call away, even the tiniest of jobs can be solved quickly and with a minimum of fuss.

Offer real value for money

Our local electricians will evaluate your project and provide a precise quote on all work and supplies before we start. That way you’ll know exactly what’s included and accurately what it will cost. We’ll even offer you with a range of opportunities where appropriate, as the most affordable option is not necessarily the best. Paying a little more now may add up to bigger savings in the future.

The ‘on time’ Springwood electrician

Your precious time is valuable to us. We are ready for emergency electrical service and speedy same-day attendance at your Springwood premises when the need arises. Appointment times are kept, and our electricians will immediately notify you of any unforeseen delays if ever they arise.

Emergency Electrician

When you require an emergency electrician – when sudden electrical problems arise, and things stop running – there’s not a time to waste! You want an electrician soon! Loss of electricity to your house or business can be very disruptive and remarkably dangerous. When things go incorrect with your power supply, rest guaranteed Chris Poli will give an emergency electrician to assist – day or night.

As part of our 24/7 electrical services, our wholly certified Master Electricians will examine, diagnose and rectify the issue quickly and efficiently to lessen confusion and assure your family is secure and/or your place is protected. All work is planned in advance, and you will be kept notified of the condition so that you may know exactly what is involved at all times.


First things first, if someone has undergone an electric injury or if there’s a chance of fire, call 000 quickly to seek medical aid or emergency services. If – and only if – there’s no risk of you or someone else being electrocuted, switch off the power and pull out the connection. If this can’t be made safely by hand, use something that won’t carry electricity, optionally rubber or cured hardwood. Don’t use anything metal or moist or wet. If needed, go to your switchboard and switch off the power at the mains.

Don’t touch an electrical victim until they are totally free of the current.


If there’s a little fire, suppress them with a fire sheet and/or an extinguisher. If it is 100% safe to do so, switch off and unplug the device ASAP. Most importantly, don’t throw water on an electrical fire as water is an outstanding conductor of electricity, and you could feel a deadly shock. Similarly, never use any liquid on a hot fat or heating oil fire (such as in a frypan) as the oil will collapse savagely. Keep in mind the “stop, cut and roll” method to extinguish fires if your clothes have caught on fire.

If and when everyone is safe, call Chris Poli electrical services on 0400430363 and we will dispatch an emergency electrician right away.


  • Never use electrical devices that are broken or have shredded cords, cracked plugs, etc. Furthermore, do not try to repair them yourself. It’s just not worth the danger.
  • Fully turn off devices – particularly toasters and electric pots – when not in use, or when you’re not at the house.
  • Don’t attempt to raise bread stuck in a toaster without turning it off first.
  • Keep exhaust fans, and dryers free of dust and particles and assure appliances have “breathing space” so they don’t heat excessively.
  • Avoid using electrical devices & extension cords anywhere around water (e.g., bathtubs, sinks, swimming pools, etc.).
  • Keep trees pruned and away from electricity lines, and see ladders, poles etc. when doing something near overhead power lines. Look up and relish!
  • Know where your switchboard (also known as power boards and fuse boxes) is and simply label all switches, breakers, and circuit fuses, so you can close them down if needed.

So, keep these things in your mind. This is how you can stay safe by using some common precautions. And to solve your further things and give you and your home life back, we will be there in no time.

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