Nissan EV charging installation Sydney

Servicing in Penrith, Blue Mountains and Sydney Region.

Nissan EV charging installation Sydney

With petrol prices rising and more and more electric vehicles available, it's essential to install an EV charger at home, work, or in your garage. Nissan EV is more convenient to own if a reliable and efficient charger is installed at home or at work. Installing Nissan Electric Vehicle chargers in Sydney region, Penrith, & Blue Mountains will make charging your Nissan Electric Vehicle easy and stress-free for you.

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Many Nissan electric car owners prefer to install home charging systems rather than rely on power points because they are more convenient and offer other benefits. With Nissan EV charger installation by Chris Poli Electrical Services & Mini Excavation in Sydney region, Penrith, and Blue Mountains, you can save time and money.

Installation process

  • Onsite inspection
    Based on an evaluation of your area; our specialists will propose a place for the Nissan EV charger. They will analyze how easily obtainable automobiles are and how handy automobiles are for users, in addition to ensuring there is electrical resources and access to vehicles.
  • Preparation
    All components must be prepped before installing an electric car charging system. All essential authorizations must be secured as part of this procedure, and electrical work must be scheduled.
  • Electrical connection
    Electrical connections must be performed correctly throughout the installation phase. With our expert specialists, you can be confident that your charger will be adequately and securely linked to your electricity source.
  • Mounting
    Installing the Nissan EV charger will follow the completion of the electrical connection. It is part of our service to install a charger properly and securely.
  • Testing and commissioning
    Thorough testing and commissioning are performed by the technicians before installation to ensure everything works as it should.
  • User training
    Our professionals will instruct you on how to use your charger securely and properly. Any enquiries you may have, as well as details on the charger’s capabilities and functionalities, will be resolved.


Having an electric vehicle charger makes owning a Nissan electric vehicle as convenient as possible. Apart from our highly skilled and trained technicians, Chris Poli Electrical Services & Mini Excavation also employs highly skilled electrical specialists who can install Nissan EV chargers in Sydney region, Penrith, and Blue Mountains. With our technicians, you can count on timely and efficient installation.

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